Blockbuster Poster Winners! And leakage.

HEY GUYS! Thanks for all the contest entries, it was a great way to pass the time til we announce the release date.

We’re torn between 2 outstanding submissions that came in near the end… So what the hell, they both win!

#1 spot goes to:

This poster is bananas! By Jeff Nitzberg from

And the runner up is:

Runner up awesomness by Jim Carlyle

When we announced the contest, we were just gonna give away the game, but what we’ve got here is so god damn BODACIOUS that we’re sending these guys the game, these posters, the digital poster we put out ages ago, they’re credited in the game, basically everything we can do. Infact we’ll wrap this stuff up and send it out to all these sites as our press kit for reviews n whatnot.

Or if you wanna print these out yourself then HELL, GO FOR IT!

So thanks to Jeff and Jim, and incase you didn’t notice the game comes out in 10 DAYS! No pressure.

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