Boss Fights and The Game Story

By February 23, 2011Development, NoTimeToExplain


Quick update on what I’ve bin doin this week: Making the tiles look less like tiles and more like regular art,  makin some levels that introduce breakable blocks, and making the first boss fight.

new art

It's startin to look like an actual videogame now!

The first boss is colossal, and it’s got more than one form.  I feel like you really have to start the show with a showstopper when it comes to stuff like this, cos it’s gonna set people’s expectations for the rest of the game.
I take boss fights way too seriously, but I’ll talk about that later.

This week I wanna clarify what this game’s about: When we first started talking about turning this into a full game I literally said “I can’t see how I can stretch this out for people to play for hours“- because the original Flash game was designed in the same way you’d tell a joke.. It was whittled down, details were taken out, it never dropped pace n everything was in place to support the punchline-
So how long can you hear a guy shouting before it stops being funny?
Then Alex said “I like what you did with the alternate ending stuff, and I was thinking it could be something like the butterfly effect…”

Which is PERFECT. You play level 1 and everything’s really basic, you chase the crab dude and go back in time, same as the original-
Then you burst out of a portal at the start of level 1 again and there are spikes in new places,  everything’s more difficult… You get to the portal, go back in time-
and you live in a mansion- wearing a velvetine robe. You are a very rich man in this universe; crabs still attack, and the map is getting more and more ridiculous-
Alternate timeline again: The axis has secured a global reign, and we’re all living under a heavy socialist influence-
Biff is a millionaire, Skynet never happens, and the whole thing spins out from there.

So basically the game still feels relentless and unpredictable after 50-or-so levels, both in terms of the setting and how you interact with it all.
The theme is allways you chasing yourself through time, no matter when, where or how you do it, who as, in whichever vehicle at whatever speed or distance and why.

And that’s this week’s update! I’m tryina keep it short cos I know nobody likes to read text on the internet. Next week I’ll maybe talk way too seriously about boss fights.
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