I wasn’t gonna post this, cos once you let people know what you’re working on they start demanding it, and asking questions, and you get locked in. And it’s a pretty bad marketing strategy to show unfinished games.

But PPPPFFPFPFPFFFFFFFFFFFF! WHO CARES, RIGHT? We’re not owned by anyone, let’s just go nuts. You guys like seeing games get made, right? Here’s our next game:


Any Questions? No? Alright, good.

Where do I start… How about the end of the last game:

  • Flash is great for browser games, not so much for downloadable ones! Lets probably not use that again. Let’s use something that supports fullscreen and controller input and all the cool tools from day one.
  • I can’t code in C# or C++, and also I can’t code! Let’s avoid glitches and hire someone who’s good at it.
  • Let’s have all features and ideas planned out and prototyped before diving into it, so we’ll come out with a solid, coherent, polished videogame at the end.

What’s the big idea?

It’s a scrolling shooter- but with less shooting and more everything else. Think Radiant Silvergun if instead of a ship, you played as the guy from River City Ransom. Or Devil May Cry in space…

It came from the fact that I had one PC game when I got my first computer and it was Stargunner. It was a great shooter with big, chunky enemies and LOADS of weapons to attach onto your ship, different enemies with unique AI and abilities, and being made in TEXAS: it was a different design philosiphy than all the Japanese shooters. Japanese shooters got more and more bullets onscreen, smaller ships, more complex spirals of… dots. I think bullet-hell shooters are VERY boring, and every shooter now just feels like a nostalgic call-back to bullet-hells.

I got excited when Grasshopper announced Sine Mora as “rebooting the genre”, but it was just giant spirals of dots again. Why can’t you EAT ENEMIES TO GAIN THEIR POWERS in shooters? Why can’t you CATCH MISSILES AND THROW THEM BACK AT DUDES? Why can’t you pick up a pipe, do a combo on a guy, and suplex him through a table like in Streets of Rage, but in a shooter? Nobody’s even trying it.

Let’s prototype that!

I’ve been blogging about this all over the place for a while and prototyping what the game should feel like. This is just dumb sketched-out artwork and tests I’ve done on the side, so don’t worry: The game won’t look like this.
But it’ll ACT like this.

This is what the game looked like a while ago, and since then I’ve been adding more interesting enemy behavoirs, nuttier weapons, doing a load of concept stuff.

Concepts 1

The humour and style and personality is all wrapped up in concept art and text docs right now.

I want it to come off as something wild, colourful, hard n fast and most importantly FUNKY AS HELL.

There’s a tonne of videos out there of me prototyping new enemy AI:

Like I said, if you wanna check out my old blogs to see this thing take shape over the passed few weeks then go nuts. You can play the prototype if you can find it. I always feel like I’m too formal on this tinyBuild dev blog.









That’s it, in a buttshell. You guys still don’t know about the characters, shop system, possible card game? Is it gonna be 3D? Check back soon!
Oh also I’m working on iPhone stuff… I’ll talk about that some other time.












About Tom

Tom Brien is the co-founder and creative director at tinyBuild. He does all the art and art direction, alongside with game prototyping and design.