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By February 14, 2011Development, NoTimeToExplain

HEY CHECK IT OUT THERE’S A WEBSITE. I’m gonna set things up:

I’m Tom. I’ve made a fat grip o web games over the passed couple years: Robot Dinosaurs, Crunchdown, Duck Sim, check em out- and what we’re doing here is taking my last game: No Time to Explain, and turning it into a REAL-ASS VIDEOGAME that you can buy and own and play fr more than 3 minutes.

If you haven’t played the original: This is where it started.

Who’s Alex? Alex is the sergeant-general of KNOWING HOW GAMES GET MADE. So he made this blog, he’s shippin prototypes to god-knows-who around the world, gettin me a spot on The Tonight Show and things like that.

Yo there is caves in this game. HOT SCOOP!

Videogames. When I first started this project there were a few things that had to be redone. After readin the reviews every day (which I still do) the first obvious thing was the controls. Everybody hated the controls- It never went UP when you wanted it to, the keyboard would work against the mouse, it lagged behind by full seconds, it was terrible. The whole thing’s bin remade once, twice, three times until it’s an actual fun game to play.

Each level is BUILT now instead of DRAWN.

The whole thing looks different now because it’s being made with a different goal. The beam used to have a blur filter on it which lagged out the whole game and ruined the controls for some people– Now it looks more like the beam I made in Robot Dinosaurs so nobody’ll have that problem.
The game’s tile-based now, which means levels are built out of blocks like in Meat Boy or Cave Story or Mario Brothers. This means levels can be practically as big as I want em to be, and also there can be 40 or 50 levels instead of 3 or 4.

That’s enough for Day 1. Any questions, comments or anything, say it right here- you don’t have to sign up — you can comment using your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, I’m totally the same guy here that I am everywhere else so go nuts. I can still say Fuck, this isn’t some weird business plan. Remember though that everything’s work-in-progress, especially at this stage.
Next week I’m gonna talk all about what’s actually IN the game and how it’s a completely seperate new idea from the flash game you’ve played,  so come back fr that!


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Tom Brien is the co-founder and creative director at tinyBuild. He does all the art and art direction, alongside with game prototyping and design.