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HEY! It’s me Tom.

word We put up the Kickstarter a couple days ago, and we had some back n forth first about how to spell “AAURRRGH” and what we can give people for $1, and stuff like that. Then Alex set the goal at $7000 an I was like OH COME ON! Unless we sell hundreds and hundreds of game, we’re gonna look like idiots!

But it turns out we’re the fastest kick to ever get started, we hit the goal at 3pm the day it went up, and now we’re almost at 200%
Thanks to Destructoid! PCGamer! This dude on Reddit! and definately Notch! Also this sweet band, Egoraptor,  and all the other terrifying business people who wanna be on-board!


But hey, the main thing you oughta know is that there’s still 43 days left to GET IT HALF PRICE!! Yeah, it’s gonna be $10 when it comes out. I guess we gave you too much time on this deal… oh well!
Don’t forget you can also opt into some early-access of the game and tell me it’s too floaty TO MY FACE, BEFORE IT COMES OUT. Cos barely anyone’s played it yet.
You can get the level editor, make some sick levels that I didn’t think of n we’ll put em in, under your name. We’ve sold like 200 o that, so I guess we’re gonna get a whole CRAPLOAD of levels when that’s ready– which is good cos people are probably better than me.
Then there’s the soundtrack, you can get the soundtrack, we ALLREADY RELEASED TRACK 1! don’t forget

Lastly there’s 80 AD SPOTS LEFT TO FILL. I’m thinkin we should actually make those level-objects instead of just background. Like– jam billboards n posters all over the place with user-made ads. It’s gonna look ridiculous, like that million-dollar-homepage idea.

I saw on Facebook today a friend of a friend pimping this game, and the great thing is it’s not someone I know.

I can’t think of anything else…. Oh, there is one thing but I don’t know if we’re gonna say that later or not.
No, focus on the Kickstarter thing fr now. STAY TUNED!!

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Tom Brien is the co-founder and creative director at tinyBuild. He does all the art and art direction, alongside with game prototyping and design.