No Time To Explain is out for Mac, Linux, Windows

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 6.12.45 PM

We’ve just launched No Time To Explain for Windows, Mac and Linux!


– Mac / Linux versions come in a single download! Pay once, get all versions!

– Everyone, including Kickstarter pledgers and those who buy the game, will get a Season 2 in December for free

– The game costs $10 and you can pay with any payment method

– Steam and other distributors are in the pipeline, we are submitting to them in a week or so when we know the game isn’t unbeatable on most users

– We like hats

About Alex Nichiporchik

Alex Nichiporchik is the CEO of tinyBuild and acts as a producer on many tinyBuild titles. Before co-founding tinyBuild, he worked as a marketing exec in web games, used to be a casual game producer, and pro-gamer.