OST Announcement, Trailer Music mp3!

We are getting a soundtrack!Remember that awesome sound score from the trailer?

Guess what, the game is getting a full original soundtrack. We’ve just struck a deal with a mysterious composer that goes by the name MrFuby to create some mindblowing tracks for No Time To Explain.

We believe that music adds a LOT to the game, and the overall sound design (including MY RIBS ARE IN MY EYESSS) are an integral part for our game.

Download the MP3 HERE (remastered trailer music) >>

We’re probably gonna release an album on iTunes with the OST or something.

The music in the link is a mixed version of the trailer music. MrFuby goes all out on mixes like these and we tell which parts we like. This will be epic.

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Alex Nichiporchik is the CEO of tinyBuild and acts as a producer on many tinyBuild titles. Before co-founding tinyBuild, he worked as a marketing exec in web games, used to be a casual game producer, and pro-gamer.