Reddit and the games story

Hey Alex here,

So we’ve recently got some awesome reddit love and even hit the front page for a couple of seconds. That’s amazing! The community support and feedback have been HUGE! A lot of people are really willing to help and words can’t explain how happy this makes us!

Shark attack

Fan artwork!

Just checkout this artwork by Edgar Juhkov, awesome. Though if the game was actually made in that style, I believe it would be more disturbing than funny.

THANKS Reddit! We’ll post more of the stuff that community has done for us a bit later, since Tom is now in the middle of defining a visual style for the game.

Now, the games story is what’s keeping me awake at nights. Seriously, when you have time travel as the core piece of a storyine, the possibilities are endless, but it’s always easy to make it turn into crap. During hours long discussions about it, numerous references to Back to the Future popped up and it feels like we can do so much more than just have slightly different levels at an escalating difficulty curve.

Essentially we can getaway with anything. Pirates? Ninjas? Aiens? How about an Alien Pirate Ship Invaded by Ninjas? We can do that, easily, and are actually able to tie it into the story. This is scary and really easy to get carried away with.


So the game’s story is going to revolve around several key elements:

– Time travel
– The time paradox effect
– Alternate timelines
– A “what if….”
– Being hilarious, crazy and giving us an excuse to go anywhere
– Wrap up in a mindbending manner so that everything makes sense

I always love the way some TV Shows keep things fresh even when the main story is obviously becoming stale. A reference to LOST would be good here, but I still haven’t forgiven them for the magic church hug finale instead of an actual mindbending wrap-up. So as an example I’d go for Supernatural or Fringe. Both shows have somewhat tiring main plots (especially the whole devil, angel, apocalypse plot… ffs), however when you get a special “side-story” episode that makes you go OH NO YOU DIDNT, things are bright, fresh and exciting all of a sudden.

This is the effect that we want to have with the game’s story and overall pace. Tom already showed the middle finger to tutorials and easing players into the game with the way the flash prototype worked, so we’re not too worried about making completely¬†unconventional game design decisions.

We’re gonna be happy with the game once we know that the instant effect of getting drawn into a ridiculous situation stays there throughout the whole experience. This is possibly the biggest challenge of both of our gaming careers.

BTW our game’s visual style is shaping up great! Expect an update on that SOON.

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