We’re on Kickstarter! Help shape NTtE!

Great news everyone!


Many of you have asked us to shut up and take your money. We don’t want to do that. We’ll take your money only if there’s enough of you, so we know the community is on our side and we can scale the game to complete awesome nonsense.

What is kickstarter?!

It’s a crowdsourcing platform. People support projects (pledge money) to see them made. If a project meets or exceeds it’s funding goal, people who pledged get billed. Basically, an all or nothing system. A lot of the time pledgers get exclusive rewards.

Can I get something special for supporting you guys on Kickstarter?

Indeed you can! We’re giving away access to a closed beta test and level editing system, essentially giving anyone an opportunity to have his levels as part of the final game. You’ll get credited as a Level Designer, which will look great on a resume.

We’re also giving away the soundtrack on game launch day and SELLING AD SPACE ON A LEVEL (what?).

About the ad space part. You know how some games have product placements? We’ve decided to have a level that is ALL ADS. Shamelessly making fun of in-game advertising, indie style. If we don’t sell any ads, we’ll just make some fake ads up to fill that level.


If we meet the $7k funding goal, the game will definitely come to the iOS (iPhone/iPad) SHORTLY after release on PC/Mac*, possibly at the same time as the Linux release. This will also give us enough resources to launch the game with more levels, monsters, and things that make absolutely no sense.

Everything above the $7k goal will contribute to stuff like PS3/NGP/Xbox AND stands at GamesCom (Cologne, Germany) and PAX PRIME (Seattle, US). It’s a long shot, but who knows.

SUPER NERVOUS ABOUT ALL OF THIS. We see the community feedback and really want to exceed expectations on No Time To Explain.

*Mac release – please note that we’re talking not about the Mac App Store, but a standalone application that is playable on MAC OSX. A Mac App Store application will be possible after an iOS release, because it’s essentially the same thing as iTunes App Store, but for Apple computers.

About Alex Nichiporchik

Alex Nichiporchik is the CEO of tinyBuild and acts as a producer on many tinyBuild titles. Before co-founding tinyBuild, he worked as a marketing exec in web games, used to be a casual game producer, and pro-gamer.